My Why as an Elopement Photographer

And it is my own struggles with memory that allow me to really gravitate towards the feeling and story of my couples.

My why as an elopement photographer…

Memory had always been a struggle throughout my childhood. In elementary school I remember being in the lowest reading and math group. Always trying to keep up with my classmates but never could. In high school, I had been tested for my ability to memorize. The conclusion was that I had whats known as an Auditory Processing Disorder. I felt an overwhelming sense that I wasn’t worthy enough to be successful in this life because of my memory.

My inability to memorize always haunted me over the years constantly giving me anxiety. I thought something was wrong with my brain and I simply wasn’t able to excel at the things that I thought I should have excelled at.

But here is what I realize now through running my own small business – This has given me other gifts to give in this world.

My struggles with memory led me to become an elopement photographer. It allows me to capture time so I can look back and remember. Memory is the foundation of my business. And it is my own struggles with memory that allow me to really gravitate towards the feeling and story of my couples.

I am a photojournalist to my clients, and I can see all their moments as memories because I’ve learned by necessity to see the world in such a way. And after your elopement day, I love being able to deliver tangible memories to my clients.

In 10+ years from now, I want my clients to remember what that day meant, what the air smelled like and what they were feeling every single second of their elopement. Their photographs should encapsulate everything into a memory.

I really value my client’s memories tremendously because I struggled with mine so much.

Photographs allow us to look back at our lives and give us a spark from our past. Truly, there is just something special about a photo. No other art form can capture a raw, singular moment, frozen in time, the way photography does.

It helps us remember what we have been through and the memories we shared with our family and friends. These are our lives. I love being able to help my clients remember as an elopement photographer.

Thank you so much Hannah Shea for these beautiful images.