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From the history to the architecture, Washington, D.C. is filled with so many wonderful locations to elope. But especially if you’re not a local -- and sometimes even if you are! Washington D.C. is home to some of the most gorgeous areas to elope. Best places to elope in Washington DC

Best places to Elope in Washington, D.C.

From the history to the architecture, Washington, D.C. is filled with so many wonderful locations to elope. But especially if you’re not a local — and sometimes even if you are! — choosing just one place from the many can be a bit overwhelming. But don’t worry! I’m a lifelong D.C. local, and I’d love to show you around. Here are a few of my favorite spots for the best places to elope in Washington, D.C. 


1. DC War Memorial

The D.C. War Memorial is absolutely one of my favorite spots for elopements. The beautiful marble and stunning circular structure make for the perfect backdrop for your elopement photographs. One thing to keep in mind, however, when considering a D.C. War Memorial elopement is that a permit and reservation time are required. But don’t let that discourage you! Both are very easy to get, and you can apply for your permit through the National Park Service. This is one of my favorite places to elope in Washington, D.C. 

couple holding hands around trees


2. Cherry Blossoms + Tidal Basin

couple holding hands with cherry blossom trees surrounding them


3. National Portrait Gallery

Washington, D.C. museums are unique places for an elopement. And in a move that makes them two of my favorite interior locations, they do not require commercial photography permits at the galleries. My favorite exhibit to photograph inside the National Portrait Gallery is at the Electric Superhighway exhibit, so give it a peek! My one particular piece of advice is that if you want to elope here, choose a weekday. On the weekends, the museums tend to get crowded.


4. Union Station

This hidden gem is often overlooked by couples searching for the perfect spot to tie the knot. And I have no idea why! The white marble makes for some of the most breathtaking images. And because it’s located in the center of the city, it’s easy to access and close to other landmarks!

This is one of my secret places to elope in Washington D.C.  


5. Josephine Butler Parks Center

I have photographed at this venue several times in Washington, D.C., and it’s still one of my favorite venues ever. Josephine Butler Park Center is a stunning historic building right across from Meridian Hill Park. Built in 1927, the house sits in the heart of Washington, D.C. The yellow walls are my favorite, and they make for gorgeous elopement photographs! To explore their availability, click here for more info. 

6. Fostr Collaborative

If you’re looking for something with a more artsy, modern edge, Fostr Collaborative is a beautiful studio space in the heart of Georgetown. They host private events for couples and open the studio for artists. Ideal for intimate elopements, the small area is flooded by light streaming in from large windows. If you want to check out about reserving a time, click the link here, or check out their website here for more information about events. 

7. Lincoln Memorial

If you’re hoping for a sunrise ceremony, you really can’t beat a Lincoln Memorial elopement! The glow of the memorial in the early morning light is unreal. And the surrounding area is secretly filled with many spots for photographs! From the beautiful tree-lined tidal basin to the nearby D.C. War Memorial, you’ll be able to capture a wide variety of photos here. But again, because it is a part of the National Park Service, you will need to apply for a permit, so don’t forget!

creative and modern couple in black wedding dress in front of the Lincoln Memorial, one of the best places to elope in Washington DC by Washington DC Elopement Photographer Margaret Wroblewski


8. Supreme Court & Capitol Hill

Eloping at the National Mall is a classic for a reason! There are so many gorgeous buildings, museums, and backdrops surrounding it, giving you a wide variety of backdrops to choose from. Two of my favorites are the Supreme Court and Capitol Hill, especially during sunset.



9. Old Town, Alexandria

Old Town has slowly become one of my absolute favorite spots in Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia. With its quaint, historic streets and ivy-covered brick homes, it’s now my go-to spot for family photographs. But I can’t imagine how beautiful an elopement would be here. And if you’re considering Old Town for yours, please send me an inquiry so I can document your day!


10. The Kennedy Center & The Reach

Finally, the Kennedy Center will always be near and dear to my heart because, before the pandemic, this was where I worked. I miss being here so much, and I can’t wait to return soon! It’s also a perfect spot for an elopement.  There are so many places for photographs, from the top balcony to the pool at The Reach, and I’d love to show them all to you on your special day!

It’s been so much fun sharing a bit more about my hometown with you, and I hope you’ve discovered a few new spots to consider for your upcoming elopement! There are so many beautiful places to elope in Washington D.C. If you have any questions about the locations — or you’re interested in booking me as your photographer — please say hello! I look forward to getting to know you. 



11. Tidal Basin

12. Georgetown Waterfront

13. National Gallery of Art

couple right in front of a sculpture

14. Meridian Hill Park

15. Reflecting Pool

16. Meadowlark Gardens

17. Gravelly Point

18.  Columbia Room Alley Way

19. Theodore Roosevelt Island

This is my go-to spot if my couples want galleries filled with beautiful trees. Theodore Roosevelt Island is magnificent in the fall when all the leaves are turning orange. Parking is free, and it is extremely accessible, making it a perfect spot if you’re hoping to include friends and family. Since this is a National Park, you may need to get a permit for wedding ceremonies during certain times, so don’t forget to do a bit of research before finalizing your plans. This is one of my secret places for Places to Elope in Washington, D.C. 

couple holding hands and walking

20.  The Salt Line


21.  The Capitol Wheel

The Capital Wheel is located at the National Harbor in D.C. and would be a great place to elope. This venue is not only gorgeous but shows some of the most incredible views of Washington D.C..

22.  The National Cathedral

The National Cathedral is another astounding venue to elope at. The architecture and design is so beautiful that it would make the photos of your day spectacular. Both the inside and outside are stunning. With its high ceilings and stained glass windows, it would make for a perfect place to elope.

23.  Tudor Place

Tudor Place is one of the most gorgeous venues you could elope at. The landscaping and design is to die for. This venue is a mansion that was built back in the early 1800s which means that the aesthetic of the venues is very historical. These homes also belonged to George and Martha Washington. I think this would be another great place to elope.

couple smiling looking at the camera

24.  The National Building Museum

  The National Building Museum has some of the most incredible design and architecture. Not only does it have high ceilings but it has these arches that take your breath away. Eloping under them would be so romantic and photo worthy for sure. I would definitely recommend this.

25.  Great Falls Park

Great Falls Park has some of the best views. The 76 ft waterfalls are spectacular and the jagged rocks bring a nice balance to it all. This venue would create a beautiful moment between those eloping and bring such a lovely connection between the two. The balance of the water and rock symbolized the balance in a marriage. This place would be a must for eloping.

26.  The Smithsonian Castle

The Smithsonian Castle is one of D.C.’s most popular landmarks. It gives the city a sort of medieval touch. The architecture and design brings such life to the city and would make such a great place to elope.

27.  National Botanic Garden

The National Botanic Garden. This venue is home to many things of nature. With it being mainly flowers and insects, these gardens are definitely worth eloping at. The gorgeous gardens give such a peaceful atmosphere and vibe to the whole day. I would 100% recommend this. 


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