Best Locations to Elope in Maryland

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These are a few of my favorite locations to elope in Maryland.

Best Locations to Elope in Maryland


Hi! I am so excited that you landed on my website because I would love to share some of my favorite locations for an elopement. Maryland is filled with so many beautiful and underrated spots for an elopement. I have been a wedding photographer for 8 years and grew up in Maryland. I am so excited to share this list with you.


Best Locations to Elope in Maryland

By Maryland Elopement Photographer 

  1. Sugarloaf Mountain
  2. Ellicott City
  3. Mount Vernon, Baltimore
  4. Woodend Sanctuary & Mansion
  5. Strong Mansion
  6. Brookside Gardens
  7. Glen Echo Park
  8. Rawlings Conservatory
  9. Annapolis Waterfront
  10. Home Elopement


Best Locations to Elope in Maryland + Maryland Elopement Photographer Maryland Elopement

The first step to picking your elopement location is figuring out what your budget is. There are so many great elopement locations in Maryland if you are on a budget. A few of my favorites are Annapolis waterfront, Glen Echo Park, Mount Vernon, or even in your own backyard. Home elopements are my favorite to photograph. They are so personal and really make the elopement extremely special.

Strong Mansion is probably one of my favorite elopement venues. I was lucky enough this past year to second shoot with Adam Mason at the Strong Mansion. The entire wedding day I felt like I was in Pride and Prejudice. The outdoor ceremony space was absolutely stunning against the large stone wall. When you stepped foot into the Strong Mansion it felt like I was transported into a different era. What makes this place so special is that it’s a 10 minute drive from the top of Sugarloaf Mountain.

However, sugarloaf Mountain is probably my favorite location for an elopement. It is a super easy hike to the top and if you go at the right time of the day the sunset or sunrise can be absolutely beautiful. Sugarloaf Mountain is probably one of the most underrated elopement locations in Maryland. Depending what you are looking for with your elopement I would love to help you find the perfect spot for a Maryland elopement. Contact me here and we can start chatting!

Lastly, here are my favorite images from elopements this year.



grandma and grandpa kissing grandchild

Couple walking on the mountain


Lastly, if you are interested in eloping in Maryland, feel free to reach out to me through my contact page. I would love to hear from you! 


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